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Thursday, 6 April 2017

Nepal to relocate five rare one-horned rhinos

CHITWAN: Conservationists today caught an uncommon one-horned rhinoceros in Nepal as a feature of an endeavor to build the quantity of the powerless creatures, which are prized

The initial, a huge male evaluated to associate with 12 years of age, was situated by officers in Chitwan National Park following a four-hour look on elephant-back.

"He is one of the overwhelming guys here," said stop boss Ram Chandra Kandel.

The group of vets, natural life specialists and mahouts plan to catch a moment rhino later Monday before leaving for Shuklaphanta National Park, a 12-hour head out.

It will take no less than seven days to catch and transport the rest of the rhinos to their new natural surroundings, which is as of now home to an expected eight of their kinfolk.

The principal gathering of rhinos was discharged into Shuklaphanta in 2000, Dr Kanchan Thapa, a scientist from protection amass WWF, told AFP.

The most recent rhinos are expected to recharge the populace, he included.

A great many one-horned rhinos once meandered the southern fields of Nepal however uncontrolled poaching and weights of human infringement decreased their numbers to around 100 in the later piece of a century ago.

There are currently around 645 after an administration drove protection push in the years since a 10-year common war finished in 2006.

Poaching has declined fundamentally in Nepal, with just a couple cases lately.Read more:-International Database