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Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Supplant Naroda Gam slaughter case judge: Victim keeps in touch with Gujarat HC

Ahmedabad: A 2002 Naroda Gam slaughter case casualty kept in touch with the Gujarat High Court on Tuesday looking for substitution of the extraordinary SIT judge hearing the matter with an "unprejudiced" one.

Malek is additionally an observer in the Naroda Gam slaughter case. In his letter to the high court, he looked for cancelation of the safeguards to Kodnani and others confronting trial in the Naroda Gam case.

Malek said after the judge as of late permitted Kodnani's supplication to summon BJP national president Amit Shah and 13 others, the groups of casualties and witnesses like him speculate that the procedures are being postponed intentionally.

He charged the SIT court has likewise not taken after the Supreme Court's September 9 request to finish up the trial for the situation in six months.

"We, the casualties and observers of the Naroda Gam case ask for cancelation of safeguard given to Kodnani, sentenced to 28-year in prison taking after her conviction in the Naroda Patiya case, on the premise of manufactured wellbeing endorsement," he said.

"We likewise ask for the cancelation of safeguard of the various blamed in the Naroda Gam case, arrangement of an unbiased judge and moving of the case to another state, as additionally starting autonomous legal investigation into it," he said.

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